About Peter Prevos

As a young boy, Peter Prevos always wanted to be a magician. He even shared the stage with Hans Klok, a famous Dutch magician. Hans won the competition, and Peter came last.

Peter abandoned his dream to be a professional magician and became a carpenter. He never achieved this goal because his teachers said that he was too clumsy to swing a hammer. Heeding their advice, Peter attended university and studied architecture. But alas, after one year behind the drawing board, the lecturer suggested that he wasn’t artistic enough to be an architect.

Not perturbed by this third disappointment, Peter eventually became a civil engineer and built structures, islands, harbours, bridges, and pipelines around the world.

Early in his technical career, however, he decided not to be technically minded enough to be an engineer. Peter moved on to study philosophy and management. In his professional life, he now manages the data science team for a water utility in regional Australia.

Peter’s interest in magic tricks and philosophy never waned, and in his spare time, he writes books and articles about management, culture, science and magic.

The Lucid Manager

The Lucid Manager is the business anti-guru with alternative perspectives on data science, management and marketing.

  • The Devil is in the Data: Creating value and having fun with data science using the R language.
  • Marketing Perspectives: Presentations about theoretical, practical and normative perspectives on marketing.
  • The Invisible Water Utility: Research into using marketing to supply water services.
  • The Half-Hour MBA: Philosophical and satirical reflections on what they teach you in an MBA course.

The Horizon of Reason

The Horizon of Reason is a blog about the limits of rationality. In the era of post-truth, fake news and conspiracy theories, the Horizon of Reason explores the ethereal regions between the logical and illogical and investigates the fertile grounds between rationality and irrationality.

  • Culture: The Horizon of reason investigates various aspects of human culture and how people relate to reality.
  • Science: The Horizon of Reason investigates the role of science in society and explore the limits of scientific rationality.
  • Magic: The Horizon of Reason investigates reality by using magic tricks to visualise our fickle relationship with reality.

Magic Perspectives

Magic Perspectives publishes thought-provoking books about conjuring and magic tricks. Magic Perspectives provides a tapestry of the history and methods of magic. These books aim to inspire magicians to innovate their art by providing context and background to famous magic tricks.

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